5 Ways To Use the Pix Backpack

5 Ways To Use the Pix Backpack

Yooo guys! From now on we are going to run a BLOG where we will be writing about Pix products, new technology and the stuff you like. Hopefully, it’s going to be useful too...

Whether you already got the Pix Backpack or still thinking about it — the chances are that you already know how it works. Yeah, by syncing it with your smartphone you can fully control the appearance of your backpack. And that does sound like a cool tech gimmick.

But HOW, WHERE and WHEN can you actually make good use of it?! Here are the 5 implicit ways the Pix Backpack can help you:

1. Match Your Clothes


Choose an animation that goes together with your outfit. The Pix Backpack allows for 6.5 million color combinations, so you can match it to anything you find in your wardrobe.

The whole purpose of fashion is to express your personality through what you wear. With Pix under your sleeve, you will be able to express your individuality and highlight that style of yours!

2. Light Up Your Holidays

Match all the Christmas lights by rocking the Pix Backpack on your shoulders! In the Pix library, you will find a variety of animations that will fit the theme of any holiday — from Christmas to Halloween.

Slide it under your Christmas tree as a shiny decoration or a gift for your loved ones! Really kills two birds with one hella shiny stone!

3. Promote Your Company

It’s not about fashion, technology or innovation — it’s all about MARKETING! Use the Pix Backpack as a marketing tool to promote your business or the company you work for. 

Write your company’s name or draw its logo during large networking events, trade shows, and other business meetings. Show it to your boss! Who knows, he might just see it as a new solution for advertising. 

4. Take It On A Road Trip

The Pix Backpack doesn't just carry a thousand and one things hands-free. Neither does it perform as a mere accessory that highlights your style.

Within a matter of seconds, the Pix Backpack can become a ROAD SIGN! Place it in front of your car if you want to make an emergency stop on the highway.

5. Just Have Fun!

This might be an obvious one. The Pix Backpack is for YOU if you love seeking new adventures. When you wear the Pix Backpack in a crowded place, it’s guaranteed that people are going to notice you.

That’s why your job would be to upload the most bizarre animations that you can think of. Make sure to share this experience with your friends!


If you check our Home Page, you will realize that there is MORE than 5 ways to use the Pix Backpack. It provides so much leeway for creativity, our engineers could hardly imagine that while developing the first prototype. 

Do you understand your product only AFTER your make it? Sounds like a topic for the next article...

Note: Comment down below your ideas for the next article. Let us know what topics interest you and we will write about it!


  • Jerry

    Thanks, I’ve just received the backpack!
    Now I’m getting so much attention on the streets – unbelievable.

    One question: are you going to let people adjust scrolling text feature (change fonts and size)?

  • Tuan Long Dinh

    I has just got 2 Pix Minis for my daughters, 1 working normally, 1 worked good in first day, in second day, it only show start screen then blank, not show any image. Text still working, but image is not. I tried update firmware, but still the same. How can I do ?

  • Alex

    Some (unofficial) tips for those who try to use Pix Mini:
    - Click “Pair” button and check notifications in status bar, you should see request for Bluetooth authorization (it doesn’t pop up how it should be)
    - Disable automatic energy management for Pix Mini application
    - Try to update you firmware with 2 GHz WiFi, because Pix Mini doesn’t support 5 GHz WiFi (whaaat?)
    I tested 3 Android phones from different vendors and only 1 works.
    My question to developers: why market isn’t available on Pix Mini? Only 4 animations and 8 images are available in application.

  • JB

    Sizes will always be an argument. As a person that hasn’t been in school for decades now, the mom that I asked before purchasing flatly states too small for middle schoolers and the mini too big as a substitute “purse”. All I can conclude is that you may want to research tis further for future offerings

  • viviana


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